Emaar Investments Ltd.


"Welcome to the new Emaar Investments Ltd. website.

As our company prepares for a dynamic period of expansion, we want the website to be as clear, concise and transparent as possible, so that potential partners and other interested parties can learn about our businesses, methods and ethos, and our strategies for the future.

As any non-expert who has been involved in the development of a website knows, it can be a time-consuming, complex - and sometimes frustrating - process.  We will not claim that the site, which we expect to evolve and grow over time, is yet perfect.

But we do hope any reader will find it interesting, and we welcome any constructive comments (to info@emaarinvestmentsltd.com) on how we can make it better.

However, as with the completion of any project, large or small, we breathe a small sigh of satisfaction that it is at last up-and-running.  We hope you find it valuable."

 - Dr. Saad F. Emaar Investments Ltd., February 2012


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